University of Michigan | SOLO PROJECT | 2 MONTHs

The automobile industry may have put Detroit on the map, but it is has lead to modern day inefficiencies and dissatisfaction with the city. It is not only ironic, but saddening, that the car is no longer an efficient mode of transport in Detroit. ̌



Our studio was assigned a site in Detroit with the vision of building a Science & Arts Discovery Lab, where technologists, artists, and everyone in between––including members of the community–– were welcome to explore, learn and collaborate with one another.

The space was designed with the belief that ideas can come from anywhere, and influence is essential inside of the building for the lab to function to its fullest potential. Multiple exterior spaces strive to bring influence from the public and surrounding city.


site evaluation —

The Discovery Center is located off a major bus route—now one of the most efficient ways to travel. The Center is also located in an area of Detroit with many places of interest— art & history museums, science centers, and libraries—and the form of the Center aims to draw people in from these destinations.

– Collaborative Model


intersection draw[dels] —

The center consists of three, winding strands in which similar programs are housed: science & art, education & application, and production & presentation.

Many quick clay models were molded using 3 strands to represent the 3 modal functions. I photographed the models and sketched over the photograph to identify potential areas of collaboration, intersection, and public influence.


plan & section drawings — 

The intersections of the three strands provide optimal opportunity for heightened collaboration. Two strands were given different materiality to represent the old and new Detroit.